Social Media is FREE and if utilized properly, can create an immense amount of VALUE.

Why is social media relevant, interesting, or significant?

  • Social Media & Building A Brand

    Social media, by default, allows you to build a brand and connect with your target audience. That is why it is imperative that you generate, evaluate and implement a social media agenda. As an artist, your career starts and ends with your brand. Your brand should be the focus point when deciding your vision, focus, direction, value and target market.

  • Creating The Wave

    Social media when effectively combined with streaming can you allow you to connect with fans on multiple levels and across a number of platforms. The ultimate goal is always creating value through cross-channel optimization. The main function of every platform is distribution, distribution creates data. Data ultimately creates opportunities. From targeting, touring and determining your projectory as an artist.

  • The Benefits of Social Engineering

    Once you bring social and streaming together, you can now cultivate cross-channel optimization. This tactic allows for continual development, growth and output. Essentially, growth is the primary goal and by product of output. Once the necessary growth is achieved, an artist or music professional can explore a plethora of opportunities.

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I wanted to create a community where I can help independent artists & record labels accomplish goals concerning music streaming, worldwide distribution and performing live. Once those goals have been reached, we can create a path moving forward on what needs to be done as far as executing bigger schemes, setting-up tours and the difference between staying independent and signing a record deal.

Nick Wyatt

Writer, Digital Consultant & Entrepreneur


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